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Do you love the look of your kitchen?

Cabinets are one of the biggest components of the look of your kitchen. Whether you are building a home or updating yours, high-quality cabinets are a beautiful, functional feature.

• Custom cabinet design

• Expert installation

• Timberlake and Schmidt brand cabinets

• A variety of styles to meet your usage needs

• A variety of finishes to complement your decor

• High quality lumber and hardware to let you handle your

  cabinetry yourself

Create your vision for your kitchen

Your kitchen is a room that should make your family and your guests feel warm, comfortable and welcome.


Ensure your kitchen is giving the right impression while making your cooking style easier with custom designed and expertly installed counter tops and cabinets.

Make a statement with your kitchen

Add a custom touch to your kitchen.

Make your kitchen feel new again with custom designed and installed enhancements including high quality cabinetry and counter tops.

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